Poul Pava

Poul Pava

The Danish painter Poul Pava, who was born in 1967, does his painting for over 20 years. Poul Pava is a self-educated artist with a naive and spontaneous style, painting the child within us. Poul Pava does more than painting, he is a designer, jazz musician and a poet. The artists beautiful collection of imagery, design and colours are being exposed on big paintings, watches, canvas prints and on real aida porcelain.


Real love is art – Poul Pava



Poul Pava art

Pavas imaginary world of images and colours are being translated to large paintings, canvas prints, posters, postcards, memory games, design on porcelain and a lot more. Besides a talented painter, Poul Pava expands his creativity in graphic design, jazz music and poetry. Pava coöperates with several foundations and organisations. His original universe and style inspire a lot of other naive artists.


Poul Pava shop and galery

Poul runs his shop and gallery, the Poul Pava Collection, on the Danish island of Rønne. Its a nice and exciting art store offering several designs, the artists own productions and an exhibition of original paintings. The shop is open through the whole year. The Poul Pava design collection is being sold by approximately 300 stores in Europe.


Buy Poul Pava artwork online

You can buy Poul Pava artwork in this webshop. Enjoy these authentic Poul Pava products!